21 November 2008


Two weekends ago my girlfriend Emily and I decided to head to Sanibel Island, off the east coast of Florida by the Ft. Myer's area. We went shelling on the best shelling beaches in the Western Hemisphere and enjoyed amazing, sunny, 80 degree weather all weekend.

We went to the wildlife refuge and the shell museum and had a pretty close encounter with an alligator at the refuge. Don't worry, I still have all my limbs. We ate at a really cute cafe and drank at a couple lame bars.

On our way home, just outside of Naples, we see a sign that says "Gulf Beaches". It was Sunday and it was still pretty early in the day so we figured why not go check it out. We had all day and Naples is only an hour or so west of Ft. Lauderdale.

On our way into town, we see a massive amount of cars parked everywhere. We had no idea what was going on and then we see a sign that says "Sandsculpting Contest". We paid a few bucks to park and arrived at one of the most beautiful beaches I had ever seen. Pure, white sands...well, pulverized seashells, but white sand nonetheless.

What to our amazement are these incredible sand sculptures. These professional sand sculptors started building their structures on Friday and worked diligently all weekend to create the coolest sand sculptures by Sunday in time for the judging.

I'm telling you, if writing doesn't work out for me and I'm still in Florida, I may have to seriously reconsider my career choice and become a sand sculptor instead. I mean, you're on the beach, facing the ocean, getting a nice tan, and creating something amazing with your hands? What more is there?

20 November 2008

eHarmony Rejection

Whenever I log onto my brother's laptop at home, his default website is www.forgetfoo.com
I'm pretty sure it's his buddy's website but I may be incorrect. Anyway, this dude has some funny shit posted on here daily. I came across this today. I thought it was funny as hell.

The Written Word

As most of you are aware, I am a fan of the written word. No, I don't mean the bible...I mean the written word--language, writing, reading, and everything else it encompasses. I love reading and writing and I have just recently written and finished my first novel. It's in the process of being edited but when it's done, I have the utmost confidence it will be a best seller, that is, if I can find an agent who will want to publish it. If you've ever read Jodi Picoult, you would thoroughly enjoy my novel, September.

Although I am experienced in English, as I have a Bachelor's Degree to prove it, I am still a beginner with the novel process. I have many ideas and things to say but not always sure how to express them...so, I'm exploring various writing venues. I've written poems, stories, and now a novel...I've tried journaling and now I'm trying blogging. It's an experiment to see if it helps my creative juices continue flowing or if I find it's just something for me to do to pass the time. Either way, I figured it was worth a shot. I am going to try and have a variety of blogs here so bear with me during this trial run.

Anyway, wish me luck with writing my second novel, Last Request.

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