08 February 2010

Clubbed Thumbs Up

I always knew there was a reason Megan Fox creeped me out. 

At first she just annoyed me with her lack of acting skills, comparable to Britney Spears in the movie "Crossroads".  But then I thought it might be because she was engaged to Brian Austin Green, who was on "Beverly Hills: 90210" while Megan was dropping logs in her diaper.  But what if her DSL's (dick sucking lips) are really what I find creepy??

Then after her Superbowl ad for Motorola premiered, and after reading gossip from Perez Hilton, I finally figured out what it was.  Apparently, she was okay being naked in a tub as a sex object, but she had to find a hand model because she has a deformity.

It's called Brachydactyly, which means "short digits" and it's basically a term for "clubbed thumb", which refers to disproportionately short fingers and toes.

Rumor has it her thumbs match her toes too...wonder if her center of gravity is off a bit with her short nugget digits?

I thought I had short nugget digits, but at least mine are proportionate.

Obviously, when everyone looks at Megan Fox, they're not looking at her "clubbed thumb"...EXCEPT ME!!!!!!!!!! 

An article on NYDailyNews.com references an interview from Esquire magazine where Fox says, "I know I'm seen as a sex object...I'm just really confident sexually, and I think that sort of oozes out of my pores. It's just there. It's something I don't have to turn on."

I knew there was a reason why this annoying, immature, horrible actress/sex symbol was annoying. I couldn't quite put my "finger" on it until now though. I hate that she blabs about being a sexy symbol, but if she's so confident, why did she need a hand model for the commercial?

Dear Megan,

You should brace your imperfections and be proud of who you are.  I say you're a creepy hypocrite.  

Thumbs up!


Made by Lena