28 October 2011

Special Thanks

When I publish my book, “You Look Like A Boy (And Other Shamefully True Tales of a Midwestern Girl)”, this will be my special thanks.  I just couldn’t wait to thank all of you...

Special Thanks

            I feel it’s absolutely necessary to issue an extra special thanks to my remarkable parents— J Thomas Kelly III and Kathleen Kelly—two people in this world for whom I have the utmost respect.  A short note will never be enough to show my appreciation for bringing me into this world (without you there would be no KC Kelly and the world would not be as great of a place).  Dad, thanks for your sense of humor and for teaching me all those swear words.  Mom, thanks for your advice and unconditional love and support. Although I’m sure this book is the ultimate form of shame and embarrassment I’ve brought upon you, it’s really just another day in the Kelly family. Words will simply never be enough to show you my love and gratitude.
Thanks to my siblings (Jen Wolf and Erik Kelly) for putting up with me all these years.  I'm truly lucky and blessed to have such an awesome brother and sister. Thanks to my other family members (especially Vicki & Tom Schultz, Nicci Londo, and Jackie Mosetter) for reading my stories and being an active part of my life. 
Special thanks to my sister Kate Kelly—without you, my childhood and college experience would have been boring.  Thanks for letting me share some of our more embarrassing stories and letting me make jokes at your expense. I will always treasure and value the unique experiences we shared.  The Kelly Sisters are certainly a force to be reckoned with and I pity the fools who try.
I would like to issue an extra special thanks to my amazing woman, partner, and best friend—Emily Davis. You are definitely my better half.  Without your constant unwavering love and support, this book would not exist.  Thank you for encouraging me every step of my writing journey.  Although I can be difficult at times, I’m glad I can make you laugh at least once every single day.  Your laughter and love gives me the ambition to keep writing.
I would also like to thank Emily’s family members and friends (especially Mary & Bill Davis, Andrew & Lindsay Davis, Kim Davis, Erin Burgess, Megan Hegemann, Liz Foster, Erin Brzoskowski, and Karlee Hanneman) for showing their love and support for us over the years, sometimes in unexpected ways.
             Without my best friends, Jes Winter (J-Dubz) and Rachel Schwanz by my side, I would be the only one making an ass of myself.  Thankfully, you girls are equally as embarrassing and idiotic as I am.  The two of you are the best and most remarkable friends any girl could ask for.  Despite the fact we tease each other relentlessly, the two of you are the only people in this world who can rival and keep up with my sense of humor and cleverness (even though we all know and can agree that I am the funniest one of the bunch).
A special shout out to my other funny and awesome friends—Tara Mitchell, Stacy Tesch, Amanda Mangerson, and of course J-Dubz and Rachel—the five of you have all made me laugh so loud and hard to the point where tears sometimes run down my legs.
             To my other equally amazing friends (Lindsey Schneider, Shelby Sellers, June Salzer, Toni Marie Larsen, Katie & Scott Herrem, Julie & Karl Schwartz, Listron “Blue” Mannix, Scott Belding, Jason Masloski, TJ Centinaro, Lora Hale Stryker, Sarah Hoadley Boecker, and many others—your friendship and loyalty means the world to me.  Some of you I’ve known all my life; some for only a few years; and some just recently—no matter how long we’ve been friends, just know I’ve enjoyed every single minute! Thanks to all my other friends (I appreciate you even if I haven't named you individually)!
A special thanks to my best Florida friend, Rachel Drath.  You are amazing and I thank you for being so loyal and encouraging.  You make me laugh, smile, and feel good about my height and I consider myself one lucky nugget to have you in my life.  And thanks for introducing me to the one and only Mike “Vegas” Simmonds, a handsome guy with the funniest one-liners, craziest stories, and the most glorious, life changing mustache I’ve ever seen!!!
A special thanks to Stacy Tesch, Jes Winter, EvaMarie Coe, Tara Mitchell, Sue Schrage, and Bridget Fillo for reading my manuscript and helping edit it in ways you saw fit.  Your advice and time spent reading is much appreciated.
A huge round of applause for those of you who let me tell a story that features you (whether you’re portrayed in a good or bad light) and allowing me to keep your real name.  If you try to sue me, just remember A) I can prove it all B) you gave me permission and C) it’s not my fault you embarrassed yourself and I happened to be there.  For those of you who make an appearance in this book but under a different name and are unsure if it’s actually you—it probably is (and no, you can’t sue me either).
            Lastly, thanks to my readers—without you there’s no one with whom to share my stories.
            Words can never express my gratitude for every single one of you, as you have all humbled and affected me in different but equally as special ways. I love you all. 



Donna LeClair said...

Way to show the love Kara!! Can't wait for the book!

CelticLady said...

I get the first signed copy of course!

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