05 February 2009


Children are sacred creatures. They are meant to be loved, cuddled, and taught; not beaten, raped, and killed.

What's happening to our world when a second grader brings heroin to school and tries it with his friends? He didn't know it was heroin; he thought it was candy and wanted to share with his friends. What are his parents doing where the second grader would end up with a bag of heroin in his lunchbox or his pocket? Did the parents have the intention of using the little kid as a dealer? Who knows...most likely not. It's more likely the child got into something he wasn't supposed to and ironically, the parents got into something they shouldn't have as well.

What kind of people start a meth lab and also have a vehicle parked in the driveway of their home with a dead infant stuffed in a storage container? Why an infant? Why the child? Why couldn't you meth addicts kill your stupid ass selves and leave the child out of it?

Why are you perverts selling children for sex? How perverted and fucked up are you that you have to pay for sex with a child? Why can't you just go to a bar like everyone else and take home some nasty slut from a townie bar? It goes against the laws of nature and we have evolved from sex with children. You should get your dick cut off and have it changed into a vagina. That way you are just as vulnerable as a child. You don't wield the power stick anymore and no one will be afraid of you.

How can you be family and hurt your own child? You are a parent, an aunt or uncle, a grandparent, a cousin...you're supposed to protect your own family—it's raw instinct. You never harm your own. But there are those of you who still hurt the ones you love the most, or are supposed to love the most. What's your motive? Money, greed, jealousy? Probably. Where's your compassion and love for your family? Nothing is ever that bad in life where you need to harm your own family member. Nothing.

I think instead of prison for anyone who harms a child, an animal, or an elderly person—(they're helpless!)—shouldn't be sentenced to prison. They should be tortured, mutilated, and killed by each other in a deep, dark, dank pit of their own soil. Seriously. I don't believe in heaven or hell. I truly believe you pay for your crimes here on earth. Someone sitting in prison for the rest of his/her life is a life that's a whole lot better than living in the free world in poverty or being homeless on the streets or being in a relationship/family where there's constant abuse. Prison is not a punishment; it's injustice. Just because someone's not actually in prison doesn't make his/her life a prison. There are more people in a prison in the free world than behind bars in a state penitentiary.

The rapists should rape each other; the murderers should murder each other; the perverts should molest each other. To me, that's the only fair punishment. If you want to rape or kill or mutilate someone that bad, do it to someone who's just like you. You both deserve each other. That's true justice.


Made by Lena