31 March 2010

Beauty and the Bitch

Things surely do change in six years.  It seems as though Kate G was probably awesome as an ogre back in 2004--humble, modest, full of love for her family and husband...but the prettier (I use that term loosely and only to compare her now to what she used to look like) and more famous she got, the uglier her personality became.
She may have looked like an ogre in 2004, but in 2010 her personality is truly the monster.

It's really no wonder why Jon cheated on her. I would have too if I was put down constantly and figuratively castrated on national TV.  Not that I condone cheating, but when your looks change for the better but your personality changes for the worse, you suck at life.

And BTW, you're not a good dancer. Not one bit.


Sam said...

Oh man, I heard her on DWTS was like watching a train wreck. I heard that she set a record, that her dance partner actually took a hiatus from the show because he got so frustrated with her. I have always pitied Jon, Kate just sucks all around. Thought she does look better than the throwback pictures.

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