05 November 2009

Forgettable Sex?

Have you ever had unforgettable sex? The kind of sex where you don't want it to end, and when it does, you carve it into your memory so it will never be forgotten?  Well, I've recently learned that there is such a thing as "f**king your brains out.

Enter a woman named Alice.  She had sex with her husband one morning, and then within moments, she forgot everything and started acting strangely.  If I were her husband, I would have been offended that the sex was forgettable.  But little did they know that Alice was suffering from amnesia.

Apparently, the sex was either mind blowingly amazing, or so blasé she forgot all about it as her husband turned on the TV during their post coital cuddling.  According to the article on CNN.com, Alice appeared confused and perplexed when she saw the Olympics on TV.  Her husband Scott asked her who the president was, and she said "Clinton" (this happened in 2008).

At this point, I think Scott should be proud of himself for porking his wife so good, that she was blown away and couldn't remember simple facts.  Unfortunately for Alice, this was a more serious condition than just the side effects of good sex.

Alice was suffering from Transient Global Amnesia, which "usually occurs after the person engages in strenuous activity -- such as having sex, vigorously exercising, suddenly immersing into icy or hot water, straining to dig a stuck car or even bumping the head".  Patients who have a history of migraines and headaches are more likely to get TGA as some people report getting terrible head pains related to orgasms, called coital headaches.

The amnesia didn't last too long, but it surely freaked out both Alice and Scott, and even their children learned more about their parents' sex lives than they bargained for.  The funniest part of this story is not the fact this woman got her "brains f**ked out", but the fact that "Alice says the amnesia had not deterred her sex life, but she avoids having intercourse when she has a headache. She tells her husband, 'So sorry, you can wait.'"

Isn't that the oldest line in the book for women who don't want to have sex? Blame it on a headache?  Not anymore ladies...instead, we get to start using TGA as our next excuse NOT to have sex with you. 


CelticLady said...

That's great!!!! Poor Alice....

Stacie said...

That's actually really scary!

Dave "Loose Cannon" Wills said...

Hmm. Some guys may take this as a challenge for their next coitus encounter. Lol.

This is truly a real life example of Alice in Wonderland! I'd say poor kids!

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