11 November 2009

Her Uterus Will Go On

Let me first preface this by saying I am not, by any means, a Céline Dion fan by any sense of the word.  Not my type of music, not a big fan of her as a musician, and I am most certainly creeped out by her husband, René Angélil. And this news just makes it worse.

The creepy Canadian couple are trying to get pregnant. Again. 

Perhaps what bothers me the most is the fact that this couple isn't focusing on Céline's musical career, or her many Vegas shows like they should be...I mean, she hasn't had a hit since the Titanic sunk, so...  No. They are focusing instead on having another baby!  There's a catch though...Céline cannot get pregnant without the help of science, which isn't that surprising, considering her husband was born a year after Pearl Harbor was attacked.  Any man in his late 60's should need the help of science not only to achieve an erection, but also to make baby batter!

René is 67 years old, and Céline is 41.  Together, their combined age is 108 years.  My problem isn't the fact these two are trying to have a child, my concern is for the unborn child being born to two parents who are eligible for AARP and Medicaid. It's bad enough they already parented a child in 2001, a boy who is now 8 years old, with parents who are 67 and 41. Neat.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, age is just a number...try telling that to a 15 year old boy whose father just died from a heart attack, and a mother who has just been diagnosed with breast cancer! Sure, these can happen to any family at any time, but the chances are higher, the older you get.

Let me say that my own father is 67 years old, the same age as René, and I cannot imagine having an 8-year old sibling, or accepting the fact that my parents are trying to have more children at their ages!!! Boy do I feel sorry for their young boy, not just because he has a senior citizen for a father, or the fact that René was nearly 30 before Céline was born, but because his parents are Céline and René!

If they do end up getting pregnant vis a vis test tubes and sperm squirts and whatever else is involved in VF, when the child is 5 years old, he'll have to be changing his father's diapers!!!  Talk about role reversal! I just don't think it's fair to bring children into this world (celebrity or not) after a certain age.  Your babymaking years are behind you, so far in fact, they are a mere speck in the distance.

Try adoption.  Or fostering a child.  Both are less expensive (not like you have to worry), intrusive, and a more fair way of bringing a child into this world.

Maybe Céline wants to have as many children as she can because she herself is the youngest of fourteen children.  Stop being selfish and think about your future children.  Do you want them to play with trucks and Legos, or administer blood pressure meds and morphine to their parents before they're teenagers?

Céline, I promise you, both your heart and uterus will go on without polluting the planet with more scientifically made test tube babies. And the world will thank you.


CelticLady said...

Well there goes my chance of having another baby!!!

Lady Wise said...

How is adopting or fostering a child any more moral in this sense? Surely an adopted child would still love its parents? Is any any more fair for an adopted child to have to care for its elderly parents? I don't get it!

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