12 May 2010

Honky Tonk Not So Honky Anymore

Country music has its roots planted in deep conservatism.  Country music has many different genres, including honky tonk, rockabilly, outlaw country, pop country, country rock, and many more.

But country and its sub-genres have something in common.  Basically every single country artist is white and straight. That's how it always has been. Until now.

With the recent success of black country artist Darius Rucker and Chely Wright "coming out", we know have black and gay people entering the country music world.  FINALLY! Who decided this genre should be so uptight? I'm pretty sure there was also a Cowboy Troy somewhere in the mix, but I think we've all forgotten about him.

Whether or not they'll be welcomed by all who listen to country music, especially the bible-beating folk in the South, I say it's about damn time someone breaks through the stereotypical barrier of country music.  These two artists have certainly opened the doors to make being different okay in a tight knit, conservative music genre known as country.

Now we can look forward to hearing songs about how a woman's wife beats on her, steals her Kia and foodstamps from their crackhouse in the ghetto, and heads for California to find a hot lesbian actress to live happily ever after with.

Joking. I'm a fan of country music, and I'm an even bigger fan of people breaking down barriers that other people before them have been afraid to break through.
Hootie: 1.
Single White Female: 1.
Country Music World: 0.


CelticLady said...

Charlie Rich was a black country singer and a successful one too.

Still do not like country, no matter what genre it is....

Anonymous said...

umm country is its own genre

KC Kelly said...

...country is a genre with many sub genres. sorry i didn't clarify that when i used the word "genre"

Brannon said...

Anonymous said...

umm don't mind that douche second commenter. We know what you were talking about! And I agree, break down those walls made from beer cans and cowboy hats! Although I don't like any kind of country, it is nice to see some attempt at diversifying the GENRE and SUB GENRES. :)

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