05 May 2010

Posts From The Past

I have been frequently absent from my blog.  My fellow readers are disappointed in me so while I research new topics, I wanted to share with you my ten favorite blog posts from The Other 98¢. Think of it as watching your favorite movie again and again...enjoy and I'll have new posts for you soon!

1. You Think You Know...But You Have No Idea.  All about me f**kers! Read this post to find out things about me you never knew.

2. Is A Bad Haircut Considered Child Abuse? One of my all time favorites, simply because I focus on mullets...and you can NEVER go wrong blogging about mullets.

3. The United States of Stupid America.  Welcome to America...for all you immigrants, read this carefully before you decide to move here, legally or illegally. The desert is not always cooler this side of the border.

4. Earth Has a Fever; Humans Have The Cure. I participated in Blog Action Day where bloggers around the world wrote about the same topic on the same day.  Compelling blog, if I do say so myself.

5. Cyrusly Cyrus Family? Ah...I just enjoy making fun of any member of the Cyrus family...it's all in good fun though Miley & company. Hate to admit it, but I LOVE your new video. I hope your Dad's flavor savor falls right off his face when he sees his 17 year old daughter in her new video.

6. Jon and Eight Minus Kate and Her Horrible Haircut.  Remember when this was a big deal? Wait...it still is and I'm on a mission to figure out exactly why everyone cares so much about the damn Gosselin family.

7. People of Walmart.  Need I say more?

8. A Friendly Message From Your Local Toilet Seat.  Still angers me. To this day. Every time I use that damn toilet.

9. Mum's The Word.  You really cannot have too many code words for "menstruation" and associated lady parts. It's impossible.

10. Jazzy Jeans.  Discovering new ways to incorporate "Mom Jeans" into any blog never gets old.


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