08 January 2013

12 Lessons from 2012

2012 was quite a year. I didn't do anything extraordinary with my life, but sometimes the ordinary can become extraordinary.

1. Turning 30 wasn't as scary as I thought it would be. 30 is just a number anyway. It's all about how I feel and portray myself, which is basically like a 13 year old boy who still laughs at farts.

2. My family and friends continue to shock, inspire, and amaze me. No matter what, I still have much love for you all.

3. There is no shame in going to bed before 8pm or eating dinner at 4pm and being under the age of 75.

4. Losing touch with old friends isn't the worst feeling in the world; being burned by close friends is.

5. Growing out your hair for 3 years and cutting it all off to donate to Beautiful Lengths was both liberating and charitable. It felt better to let go than I thought.

6. All relationships take work, especially the ones you struggle with. It's better to move forward instead of dwelling on the past. You can't change your past, but you can change your present.

7. I absolutely still LOVE having repeat visitors to our palace in FL. Yes, I said palace, not place. So, please come visit! We've been here almost 5 years and some people I thought would jump on the chance to come visit still haven't, so get yo asses down herr!

8. 2012 was NOT the year for me to be GONE WITH THE WIND. Perhaps, I shall read that this year. Epic novels scare me, especially since this book reminds me of using my mom's copy as a child as a booster seat at the dinner table and in my father's various ghetto cruisers.

9. You can go from the M to the V to the A, or from the V to the A, or even from the M to the A, but you cannot go from the A to the V to the M. Nor should you wipe back to front, unless you're careful to avoid the taint. But I already knew that. I just wanted to remind y'all to make sure you were paying attention.

10. Finding out my father had cancer on my 30th birthday sucked. Finding out it could be removed and he only needed 12 chemo treatments sucked less. Knowing he is alive and that his condition during chemo is only temporary is a relief and a blessing. Keep your head up JTK. I need you around for a while yet; I still have important swear words and jokes to learn from you.

11. Anything that needs to be said can be done in 5 words or less. Sometimes, the best things said are the shortest. Unfortunately with me, I prefer long winded soliloquys, in case you haven't noticed.

12. I am lucky that Emily has put up with me for 6 years. Without her, I'd probably be a slutty hobo living on the streets and eating stale bread from the dumpster behind Jimmy John's, turning tricks and cracking jokes for money and beer.


Jessica Spengler said...

I feel like #3 is proof you've been in Florida too long. :P

Unless you're drunk when it happens. Then I can relate.

KC Kelly said...

It usually happens when alcohol is involved. What can I say? I'm a day drunk.

Jessica Spengler said...

The day buzz is the greatest thing on earth in the summer. And you live in summer. I are jealous.

Kathleen Kelly said...

I found that KC Kelly can make some kick ass marmalade!!!

Tiffani D. said...

#9 is just nasty.
That's all I'm going to say about that.

KC Kelly said...

Yes, I sure can make amazing marmalade!

Also Tiff, take heed. Just a reminder.

Jess, I agree. The last 6 days have not been easy and I feel 30 years older. Having guests right away after a 2 hour hiatus in WI is not easy.

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