31 January 2013

Word: 365 Week 4

I wrote some meaningful letters this week. When my brother Erik opened his letter (gave it to him in person) he said, "I can't read this now; it's a novel". Keep in mind it was a one sided letter on 9.5" x 5.5" paper. If anything, it was a glorified haiku. At least Osairis seemed to appreciate her letter, although I did get a text from Erik later that day thanking me.

Even though Blue and Scott live three buildings down from mine, I wrote them both a letter and mailed it. Sometimes, it's nice to receive a letter in the mail even when you live right down the road from the sender.

I wrote a letter to Emily's grandma Noreen, pretty much telling her she was the Grandma I never had (particularly since my Great Aunt Ada passed away eight years ago) and that I appreciated all that she's done for us. I also sent a letter to Tiffani, getting to know her better by telling her things about me. Makes sense, right?

I had the most fun writing a letter to Riley, Jes' boyfriend. They are coming to visit us in March and I felt like he needed forewarning as to my crazy and idiotic antics. The guy's only met me once for a short while, so I feel that it was only fair to warn him. I warned him about how I fart a lot. All the time. At home, in public, it doesn't matter. I also warned him that I am extremely disgusting, I have no filter, and I will probably embarrass him. And that I sweat. Not as much as Jes, but I do. And if I start sweating, I will sniff check my pits to make sure I don't reek like BO. Hence why I carry deodorant in my purse at all times.

So far I've written 41 letters, so I am definitely ahead of the game.

A sneak peek into week 5: I wrote Emily a letter telling her how proud of her I am regarding work and a letter to Tara with things I will and will not miss about her living with us. Last night, they said to me "aren't you supposed to write 365 different letters to 365 different people?" My response: I made the rules. I will write repeat letters. I already posted about that and I feel that some people deserve more than one letter. Suck it bitches.

Funny pic of the week:

This is a MUST HAVE for my bedroom.


Kathleen Kelly said...

I don't think Emily would want to sleep there....

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