25 January 2013

Word: 365 Week 3

Writing letters is tougher than I anticipated, but I love the challenge.

This week, my nephew Cobi got to read a somewhat "edited" version of my Morning Thunder story. To read the unedited version, click here. Apparently, Cobi, Dylan, and even Jen got the giggles over that story. I don't blame them; 'tis funny.

Jen also got her own note, as did my aunt Jackie. I wrote notes to Emily and Tara as well. For Emily, I wrote 10 reasons why I love her. It sounds corny, but was actually funny. Tara's note was funnier though because she got a list of my top 5 favorite moments since she moved to FL. These moments include her falling into the lake and having the Umbrella bird that lives next door mock her. We were all laughing at her and the bird started laughing at her as well. It was epic.

My friend TJ is obsessed with ketchup, so I sent him a few factoids about his favorite condiment. Jason is obsessed with Beyonce, so I sent him a few trivia questions for him to answer. Too bad I didn't wait to write his letter until after the whole lip synching episode; that could have been a true or false question dangit!!!

The most important letter I wrote this week was to Emily's parents, Mary & Bill. The last 6 years have been quite an experience. We have gone from one end of the spectrum to the other and have had a lot of great moments in between. I simply wanted to let them know how I feel about them and thank them for opening their hearts and home to me and getting to know me better. Words can't express my gratitude and love for her family, but hopefully the words I wrote expressed my sentiments.

I have written 25 letters to date, and today is 25 January. I got some work to do. In the meantime, add this to your "spank bank", as my friend Andrea would say. Massive lady wood over here! I don't even know what songs 98 Degrees ever sang, but NKOTB and BOYZ II MEN! Hello!


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