08 January 2013

Word 365: Week 1

Well, the first week was a success! The first batch of letters have gone out and have been received by most, if not all parties.

The first week's batch included the first two letters, which were of course to my wonderful parents. They are always at the top of my list.

My nephew Dylan received a "did you know" list of fun trivia.

My nephew Cobi received nothing but a list of slang terms for a variety of flatulence. Farting is something we have in common, and laugh about all the time.

Also, I sent a thank you letter to the City of Oakland Park for building the 39th Street greenway. It's a glorified bike/walking path filled with palm trees and benches, but it's a great addition to our neighborhood and I look forward to using it. Every day on my way to and from work for about the last 6-8 months, I have seen men working on and building this path, and I figured they deserved a thank you for their hard work.

A sneak peek for week 2 you say? Sure! Week two's batch of letters include trivia, condolences for two friends who lost a loved one, and my top 5 reasons for being friends with an amazing person.

Stay tuned, and check your mail! You never know when you'll receive a letter!!!

Did you know?
The running pony logo used by the U.S. Post Office Department before the creation of the USPS.


Tiffani D. said...

do you need my mailing address? Just sayin....

Kathleen Kelly said...

Got the card today!!! thank you..

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