23 September 2009

Adding Prison To Injury

Weird...an NFL football player was armed, at a nightclub, and is now headed to prison. Seems to be the new trend.

CNN.com is reporting Former NFL wide receiver Plaxico Burress is going to serve a 2-year prison term for a shooting incident at a nightclub.  Apparently, he accidentally shot himself in the leg with a .40-caliber semi-automatic pistol he was carrying in his waistband while at a nightclub in Manhattan.  Because he pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of attempted criminal possession of a weapon, he is to serve a two-year sentence, agreed to under a plea agreement.

This sentence stems from the simple fact he was not licensed to carry a pistol in either New York or New Jersey. I'm all for strict gun laws, but a two year prison term seems a bit extreme in this case, especially since he didn't hurt anyone...well, except himself. Wouldn't some time in jail with some community service be a little more fair?

American Justice System, isn't this just rubbing salt in the wound? Adding prison to injury, pun intended?


Tara said...

I agree with you on this one. I mean sure he was carrying a weapon when we shouln't have been and yes he could have shot someone else. But he didn't. He was a dumbass and shot himself. Some community service is probably punishment enough, you know added to the fact that everyone realizes he's a moron who shot himself in the leg.

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