25 September 2009

Stop Smiling!

Yesterday when I got home from work, I debated going biking but decided against it. Instead, I drank 12 oz of my new Vanilla Bean Be-Buff protein powder from GNC, and I did some strength training with my resistance band, and also did some crunches and pushups.

I popped in the DVD, and although I've done this workout 492 times, it still amazes me every time I do it that everyone BUT me is smiling as they exercise! They never falter either; it's like their fake smiles are a permanent fixture on their faces!

Don't get me wrong, although I do enjoy getting in a good workout, while I'm doing it I grunt, I sweat, and I make faces only people with constipation should be making! For me, smiling while exercising is almost as impossible as screaming while riding a roller coaster!

The instructor, Tanya, is laughing and smiling and seems to have a strange accent, but only when she's working out.  During the intro, she sounds American, but as she works up a sweat, she must bust out some weird Czech accent.  Behind Tanya, there is an ugly black chick and a dorky white guy, and all three of them ave amazing, muscular, and perfectly toned bodies.

Tanya tells me I don't need to be at the gym lifting weights; I only need to be right here.  Bitch, please. I know you're doing more than this video to get that body so don't even pretend you're not.  And stop smiling. It's not funny. It's creepy.


Made by Lena