18 September 2009

A Grand Allowance

In the wake of Michael Jackson's death, the future is looking bright for his family, especially his kids--they are receiving an estimated $60,000 combined monthly allowance. Most kids are lucky to get $6 weekly allowance, and they have to wash dishes, do laundry, clean the house, and do yardwork! What do MJ's kids have to do? They have to carry the burden of having names like Prince Michael, Paris, and worst of all, BLANKET! But that's it...hell, I would carry the name of Skidmark if it meant I got thousands of dollars a month for allowance.

I'm all for child support and making sure the kids are taken care of after a parent dies, but $60,000 a month? For real? What the hell are kids who aren't even teenagers yet, going to spend this money on??? Reportedly, each child gets about $13k for entertainment and related expenses. Listen up folks, there are only SO many movies these kids can see, and only SO many iTunes they can download, and only SO many theme parks they can visit! What about their college funds? Just because MJ was their father doesn't mean they don't need an education!

These children confuse me. I still don't understand how MJ can have white children, although Prince Michael eerily resembles Janet Jackson, but the other two? They had to have been adopted...looking at the entire Jackson family, ALL of them look like each other, and there's proof it can be passed along, just by looking at Prince Michael...but there's no rhyme or reason for the other two. I'm convinced they were adopted, and now they have all the riches in the world. Lucky kids. Sorry Maddox, Pax, and Zahara; not even you are this lucky.

What's more disturbing about this is Katherine Jackson's monthly support. Last time I checked, she was MJ's mother, not his child, yet she was financially dependent on him in life, and in death? I totally dig the fact that MJ wanted to take care of his mom, as we all do, but I highly doubt she needs an estimated $85k per month!!!

According to news sources everywhere, in that massive allowance, she gets approximately $4,700 to pay for an assistant. WTF does she need an assistant for? Does she need a butler named Alfred too? You're not Bruce Wayne! Even worse, she gets to spend $3,500 on clothing, but in order to go shopping, she needs to pay her driver $2k!!! Then, she is also allowed to spend $1,500 on entertainment, which I guess she's allowed to spend when she, her assistant, and her driver take the kids to spend their $13k on entertainment!!!

I'm glad that Katherine was awarded custody of the kids, because the estranged mothers would just have been more damaging to them than any member of the Jackson family could be, but Katherine is old as dirt! Pretty sure she was around when T-Rex ruled the jungle!!! Who's going to get custody of these kids when Katherine dies? The assistant? The housekeeper? The driver? Or Joe Jackson? Great...if Joe gets custody, be on the lookout for a modern day Jackson 3, starring Prince Michael, Paris, and Blanket.


CelticLady said...

These kids are being trained to be the new Jackson 5 already by Joe...He already has his grubby hands on them. I am reading a bio on Michael and it describes in detail what a jerk Joe is. I would keep those kids far away from him..

KC Kelly said...

No kidding! I couldn't believe how much they get a month!!!

CelticLady said...

I like your template...very simple

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