19 September 2009


Thanks to Candace Bushnell, we were all privileged not only to read her Sex and the City books, but also grateful she allowed HBO to make a 6-year show out of them.  The shows were great, and I looked forward to sitting down every Sunday night and tuning in to 28 minutes of hilarious sex, alcohol, and cock laden stories.

I was sad when it was announced the 6th season would be the final season.  I always knew Carrie would end up with Big...that Miranda and Steve would get married...that Charlotte would find her prince charming...and that Samantha Jones would finally settle down (sort of). Thank you to everyone for ending the show so well!

A few years later when I heard there would be a Sex and the City movie coming out, I was both excited yet apprehensive.  What more could the movie explain that the 6th season finale didn't already wrap up?

Would Miranda and Steve still be happily married? Would Big and Carrie still be together? Would Sam and Smith still be having more sex than anyone on this planet? And would Charlotte still be a Jew?  Why, yes, as a matter of fact.

I watched the movie when it came out, and the best part about it was when Charlotte sharts while in Mexico, which was hilarious but unsurprising the way she was running around being petrified of getting germs. Everything else, any true Sex and the City fan could have seen coming.  It's no surprise Steve has an affair; Miranda is pretty much a lesbian.  No wonder Big and Carrie have commitment issues; it's their "thing".  And if Samantha doesn't have her daily dose of sausage, she starts to question her relationship.

All the movie achieved that the show didn't was getting more in depth into the relationships of the four women, which we all assumed anyway by watching the 6th season finale!  But, thanks anyway for that final dose of Sex and the City.

Apparently, there's yet ANOTHER Sex and the City movie on the horizon. Seriously people? As big of a fan I am, why did you end the show to begin with if you're just going to keep making movies about it?  The show was better than the movie, and you could've kept millions of fans much happier. Last time I checked, none of the stars had any breakthrough moments in acting after the show was ended.  Sure, a few minor appearances here and there, but it wasn't like they ended the show because all the actors had bigger and better roles to play. So why end the show? Why keep making movies? Too little, too late?

Well, at least we'll know what will happen in the second Sex and the City movie: Miranda and Steve will continue having a sexless relationship, since she's a lesbian.  Charlotte will still be a Jew, and she and Harry will probably have a household similar to Brangelina with adopted kids everywhere; Carrie and Big will still question their relationship, and Samantha will FINALLY be a member of AARP. Oh, and they'll all drink a Cosmopolitan and laugh about the way things used to be.

The only reason I anticipate seeing the second movie, is to find out exactly why Samantha Jones is wearing a hideous wedding dress...


Tara said...

I agree with you completely. I loved Sex and the City and even made my husband (he was a boyfriend at the time) go see the movie with me. But another one? Quit while you're ahead guys.

KC Kelly said...

I'll still watch the movie...I love Sex and the City everything.

Emily said...

it will end up being like The Land Before Time 1-28, and The Santa Clause 1-7, or Bring It On 1-99. The more they make, the more ridiculous it gets. Oh yeah, and Final Destination...

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