28 September 2009

Facebook, or Foolbook?

Many people in this world are addicted to Facebook; and unfortunately, I'm one of them.  Although I like to keep up with people's daily going ons, I don't find it necessary to update my status during the most inappropriate times, like Jonathan Parker, a 19 year old kid who recently robbed a woman's house, getting away with some jewelry items.

That was all he got away with though.  This idiot actually logged into his Facebook account, updated his status, and then forgot to log out.  Once the woman came home, she solved the case herself.  The kid is being held in jail and faces up to 10 years in prison if convicted.

Seriously? You're a moron...if you weren't addicted to Facebook, maybe you wouldn't have gotten caught.

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heavealie said...

lolz that was hilarious!!!haha my goatee isnt stupid??lolzz.

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