23 September 2009

Truckin' For Jesus

Truckers come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, much like a bucket of Legos.  But the one thing they have in common besides foul body odor, missing teeth, and a penchant for a CB radio, is Jesus.

Welcome to the Trucker's Chapel, a place where truckers can come and sit down for a mass, thanks to Rev. Joe Hunter, a retired trucker himself.  CNN reports "Hunter's Truckstop Ministries Inc. works like a spiritual gas station. He prays with truckers, coaxes them to make tough decisions and hands out taped sermons that fortify them on lengthy business trips."

Joe Hunter has his own personal reasons for starting this chapel, some of which are inspiring and some of which just reaffirm the trucker stereotype.

I wonder how many of these truckers stop at this chapel in Georgia and confess they just porked a 16-year old prostitute in Atlanta, thus cheating on their wives for the 67th time this year? Or how many truckers stop in and pray for forgivenessafter they just received a BJ from some crackhead at the rest stop just down the road? 

Having a trucker's chapel is like having a whore church...some things just don't make sense.


Made by Lena