15 September 2009

Heartless Hip Hopper

Although I did not watch the MTV VMA Awards 2009, that does not mean I did not hear or watch videos and read countless articles about the obnoxious interruption during Taylor Swift's acceptance speech. I agree with everyone else; it was rude and uncalled for, and it was just another tantrum. And like everyone else, I have an opinion about it...

We all felt bad for you, Kanye, when you lost your Mom to a freak surgical mishap, or whatever the hell that was. Seriously though, there are millions of people who lose their parents or other loved ones every single day and somehow cope with it...

Kanye, you should meet up with Candy from A & E's "Intervention" and get help for your anger/alcohol/ego/mother issues because you are now in the same category as Chris Brown...a has been who will only be popular because of your ludicrous behavior, not your talent; and Taylor, you should probably stop crying on your guitar; you just won an MTV award, and thanks to Beyonce, you got to enjoy that moment.

P.S. If you were to put more of that pent up angst and anger into your videos, maybe YOU would have won best video, not just this year, but in years prior. And btw, what was your girlfriend wearing? Was she trying to be like Mystique, but in a skin colored bodysuit? You should have called HER out on that, not stomped all over a teenager's well deserved award...like you once asked, "How could you be so Dr. Evil?"


Made by Lena