24 September 2009

NOT Karing About the KarDOUCHEians

The Kardashian family has been on every news site, every channel, every magazine, basically just everywhere recently.  I can't help but wonder exactly what makes this family famous.  Is it because the father, Robert Kardashian, was associated with the OJ trial? I don't see Judge Ito's or Marcia Clark's families having their own shows on E!, probably because they're not attractive Armenians.  Is that what makes them popular? Being attractive Armenian-Americans? I mean, besides Cher, whose father was Armenian, who really cares about Armenians?

What I want to know is why people Kare so much about the Kardashians? Does this world need another celebrity baby that Kourtney will probably name Afghan or Pretzel? No.

Does the world need another celebrity attending LA Laker games, since Khloé is marring some Lamar guy who plays for the Lakers? Hellz no!

And does Kim really need Ryan Seacrest to be the executive producer of her show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians? Do Kourtney and Khloé really need their own show in Miami?  Again, hellz no! I'm so sick of hearing about this damn family!

What makes me most sick is the fact that the mom's name is Kris, then she and her late ex husband named their kids all with names that start with K, then Kris divorced Robert Kardashian, married Bruce Jenner, and had two daughters with him, both named with the letter K. The only child from this odd family dynamic without a K name is Robert Jr., but obviously that's a lame name. I mean, who names their kid "Jr" besides Sammy Davis and Cal Ripken?  The whole family makes me want to Ka Ka Kough up a phlegm wad!

I wish someone would just create a show called NOT Karing About The KarDOUCHEians and NOT air it.


Made by Lena