18 September 2009

Cracked Up

It's bad enough Troy West lives in the South.  Worse, he is an older guy, sporting a redneck mullet, who lives in Georgia.  It's really no surprise this guy has issues, but he took the racist, redneck, stereotype a bit too far.

Apparently, Mr. West was leaving the Cracker Barrel when a young black woman, Tasha Hill, and her daughter were entering.  He flung the door open so hard it almost hit Hill's 7-year old daughter and the woman asked him to be careful.  I think that's a common thing to say when you're in fear of being hit by a door.  I guess not everyone can handle such a civil request, especially not West.

West proceeded to beat this poor young woman, in front of her child, all the meanwhile cussing at her and calling her by the N-word, among other racial slurs.  Witnesses stepped in, EMT's arrived, and the FBI got involved and might possibly charge him with Federal Hate Crimes, among already being charged with battery, disorderly conduct, and cruelty to children in the first degree.

Although he is out on a $5,000 bond, the worst punishment isn't the charges, the hate crime angle, or even being put in prison. West's true punishment? Being banned from Cracker Barrel for life, and for a redneck, that's worse than losing your trailer, cutting off your mullet, and having a full set of teeth.  I hope you learned your lesson Mr. West; no more grits for you.


MrsRaeHallberg said...

Apparantly having the last name of West is just more than he could handle....

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