23 September 2009

The Biggest Idol Loser

Recently, Idol contestant Chris Sligh (season 6 where Jordin Sparks won) commented on how no one cares about the Idol losers after the tour is done.  Popeater.com featured some quotes from his blog, one of which stated: "You are going to struggle. No one will care about you. Those fans who've been asking for your autograph all tour long - 98% of them don't give a flying poo about you once next season of Idol starts."

Um...pretty sure I didn't give a "flying poo" about you when you were on American Idol.  Pretty sure there was a reason why you didn't win, and why no one cares.  Maybe it's your mediocre singing that landed you NOT in the winner's position.  Maybe it's your "poor poor pitiful me" attitude that makes people not care.  Or maybe it's the fact that you try to hard to look and act like Jonah Hill.

I beg to differ with your theory that no one cares about the loser Idol contestants. I'm pretty sure Gaiken (Clay Aiken) still makes headlines, and somehow still makes money with his records.  Lifetime cared enough about Fantasia to not only make a movie about her, but to cast her in the leading role, playing as herself.  People still care about the great efforts Bo Bice goes through to maintain his long locks and bad ass facial hair, although he looks like how Axl Rose looked like right before he dropped out of high school.  People still care about the two Idol losers who now work for the TV guide channel, that Justin guy and some blond bimbo.

Let me just point out that the Idol losers tend to have more success than the Idol winners.   Chris Daughtry has made an amazing career for himself with his band, Daughtry.  Adam Lambert will continue to blow people away in his 2nd place finish.  No one barely remembers Ruben Studdard and Taylor Hicks, mainly because although they were winners, other Idol losers from their respective seasons just beat them after the show was done.  Americans realized their mistake during the voting, and fixed it by supporting the good contestants after the show.

It's time to face the facts.  It's not the Idol losers the American public stops caring about, it's just you.


Made by Lena