29 September 2009


I don't know about anyone else, but I'm getting really tired of reading news stories about families who are victims of murder-suicide.  First of all, just because you are having financial difficulties does not mean your wife, your teenage son, and your young daughter, and even the family dog, need to die because of it.  How can you kill your wife, and then continue killing your entire family? It's not temporary insanity; it's not financial difficulties; it's just plain selfishness.  Everyone has financial difficulties right now.  Everyone has problems. But, not everyone picks up a gun and starts shooting because of it.

It just sickens me, this murder-suicide fad.  Every news article about it features a shocked community, a good family, and financial difficulties.  Seriously? Why is it becoming so popular to kill your family and then yourself? The only thing that solves is taking the lives of innocent people for no reason. 

What I don't understand about people going through financial difficulties is their refusal to scale down! Sell that house, live in an apartment.  Pick up a part time job.  Have your kids offer to mow lawns and shovel snow around the neighborhood for some extra cash. Have a garage sale. Sell your car and walk/bike/ride the bus to work.  There are other options besides killing your family.  And why does it always have to be a shotgun or a rifle? If you're going to kill your family, the family you swore you loved and took care of all these years, why do you have to shoot them dead? Selfish fucks.

Killing your family to "save" them from financial difficulties is the stupidest thing I've ever heard...here we have soldiers who are getting killed in a war, coming from good families who would give anything to have their children come back safely, and you take it upon yourself to kill your family? That just goes against the laws of nature.  It's true guns don't kill people; people kill people, but if guns weren't so damn easy to get a hold of, maybe we'd have less children dying at the hands of their fathers, or mothers.

Why can't you just commit suicide, and leave the rest of your family alone? If you have murder on your mind, the world will be better without you. Next time, you selfish asshole, put the gun in your mouth first, and spare everyone else because there are more good things in life than bad.  There is nothing so bad in life that you have to kill your family and yourself. So stop the violence already.  Get your head on straight before you think about blowing it to pieces.


CelticLady said...

Good post Kara, too bad more people don't see it that way, like ou said, selfish. WHen I read thos articles about the murder suicide it really pisses me off. For starters they are children who can not defend themselves against a man with a gun and think of how precious my children were when so little, how can a father splatter them all over from a shotgun blast...

KC Kelly said...

I know...I agree. It's just really sad that it's usually the father killing the wife and kids. What goes through his head the night before it happens? Does he have sex with his wife, tuck his kids into bed, read them a bedtime story, and the next day just blows them away? It's so wrong there literally aren't even words for it.

Tara said...

As per usual, Kara, I agree with you. This "fad" is just completey effed up. It is so not fair. I think what you said was right- if they can't deal, put the gun in their own mouths first. Don't spout BS about "saving your family from the financial difficulty" Be a MAN and deal with it. Really anyone that takes anyone elses life...I just don't get it (and just blogged somewhat about that yesterday). I could probably go on about this, but I'll leave it at that.

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